Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 5

Keep Taking the Tablets

The swelling and bruising is continuing to subside, the aching is not!!!

Can't see any redness or swelling in the stitches - fingers crossed

It’s not agony by any means but it is continuous, the pain relief does get it under control though.

I can’t decide whether I want it supported or free, neither way is particularly comfortable.

I bought this all supporting underwear before the surgery – guess what the boys and what surrounds them are just a tad too big to fit in now – impressive huh!!!

I think I mentioned before that after surgery the implant was left inflated and then deflated prior to leaving hospital.  I was told to keep it deflated by squeezing the shaft.

Well I have squeezed and squeezed and it does go down but the second I move there it is again – partially inflated.

I hoping the doc will have some answers when I go next week,

Till next time…..

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