Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 17

Just a couple of pictures to show you my progress.

As you can see bruising is all but gone now as well as the external swelling (I think).  Now to find and get to grips with that pump…..


Pain during the day is more than bearable.  During the night it’s a different matter.  So we are off to the shops today to see if we can come up with some ingenious idea to make sleeping more comfortable.

Normally I sleep nude, always have.  Since surgery as suggested I have tried to support and keep everything in place which initially made it more comfortable.  However as the hair has started to grow back it is becoming increasingly painful to the point of keeping me awake most of the night.  Let me tell you stubble and on edge nerves do not mix!!! I know shaving might help but even though I like to keep everything trimmed I do not want the shaved look.

If we can formulate something that is comfortable I will take a couple of photos.  Watch this space!!!


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