Saturday, 2 December 2017

Thanks .....

It's sometime since I wrote an update so here is a quickie - though again there is not too much to tell.

I have had my implant for over 4 years now (all looking good and still working very well thank you) and any of you that have read my ramblings from the start will know the journey and seen the pictures - some of them filling your screen, sorry I never did get round to resizing some of the photos!

I have said so many times why I began writing this and have to say that most of you now know me and my thoughts better than anyone else.

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments, messages and questions I am so pleased that my writing about my experiences is helping.

Till next time.


Monday, 24 July 2017

4th Anniversary

I'm not posting too much now because as you know my implant is almost 4 years old.

Apart from telling you that I have a good sex life and a penis that looks and feels normal what else can I say.

I will however keep my Blog updated as and when stuff happens so keep an eye out.

As always any question ask away.

All the best.