Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Happy Birthday - I'm 3 !!

It does not seem possible that it is 3 years to the day since I had my implant surgery.

Last night I sat and read through my blog and it made me realise just how far I have come in that short time.

The fears are well behind me now but at the time they were oh so real. Check-out my ramblings if you get a chance, if nothing else it might help with your own concerns, fears and questions.

All the best


Friday, 15 July 2016

Questions & Comments

I get emails and questions all the time from men who are either considering a penile implant or already have one asking about my experiences and thoughts. It is surprising how many men have the same questions and concerns that I have had.

I had a comment the other day saying that as far as they could see I had not mentioned sensitivity, sex and orgasms. I am happy to answer questions relating to my sex life - after all that was one of the main factors behind my wanting the surgery - however I do not want the blog to be all about sex.


Initially after surgery I did have patches on both the shaft and scrotum that were numb, hardly surprising, after all it had been through a fair bit of trauma. Quite quickly though, within a couple of weeks the feeling and sensation on the skin started to come back until at about 6 weeks or so I was just left with a small numb patch on the underside of the shaft. Over the following few weeks even that patch disappeared and it became as it always had been.

One other thing - once I started inflating regularly I went through a period of sensitivity inside of the shaft - as you can imagine a sensation is very difficult to describe but I will try. It was as if the act of inflating was while creating a stretching/warming feeling was also touching nerves on the inside of the shaft giving not an unpleasant feeling. It did not happen for long (although I do still occasionally get the it) but it was nice while it lasted.


Are good - different from how they were prior to my prostate surgery i.e dry. However having the implant has in my case made little difference to the sensation of my orgasm, if anything I am slightly more sensitive.


The implant has meant that we are now able to have a normal sex life and although we have needed to get used to few different positions and techniques its good - besides learning is fun!!

As always any questions please ask.

All the best.