Saturday, 21 November 2015

Top 10 Questions

Top 10 questions I get asked - they are in more or less the same order each time.

1.       Is it painful
2.       Will I be the same size
3.       Were you worried about Infection
4.       Have you got a floppy head
5.       How long until I am back to normal
6.       Does it look/feel real
7.       Will new partners notice
8.       How easy is it to inflate/deflate
9.       Will I have the same feeling
10.   Will I still be able to orgasm

For me prior to surgery

More than anything I wanted to speak/meet someone who had actually got an implant.  The doctors told me the technical side and I saw and felt an implant.  What I wanted to know was how it would feel inside me, how my penis would feel and look with an implant.  I had been told by the doctor that once done there was no going back and although I knew I wanted and needed it done the lack of physical knowledge added to my anxiety.

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