Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Auto Inflation


Just a quick mid-weeker...

I was having problems with auto inflation and the lack of a “pop” making subsequent inflation more difficult.  I mentioned it to my doctor at the last visit a couple of days ago and found that for the last 6 months I had not been deflating properly. 

I had been pushing in the deflate button and as soon as it had stopped “buzzing” I had kept my finger on the deflate button and squeezed to what I thought was fully deflated.  I was then having some auto inflation and lack the of “pop” next time. 
Now as per my new instructions I push and hold the deflate button for 10 seconds.  I get the buzzing and it starts to deflate, keeping the button depressed I wait for the 10 seconds (even after the buzz has stopped) then let go of the deflate button, squeeze the shaft and it continues to deflate fully.

Friday, 17 January 2014

6 Month post surgery Appoinment

Well I had my appointment with the doctor yesterday and you will be pleased to hear that all appears to be going well, I even managed to pick up a few tips.

I had always thought that I had at the time of my surgery the most recent model AMS LGX700 implanted which has among other things a one touch deflate button.  As you will have read previously deflating has never been my strong point and although I have always been able to deflate my implant easily enough I have never managed to do it with one touch and a squeeze!!  Now after all these months I discover I have been doing it wrong.  The correct way is to push the deflate button, wait for the vibration and noise as the fluid leaves the rods, continue to hold the button in for 7-10 seconds, even after the noise has stopped, release the button and squeeze the shaft to fully empty it.  I have now managed that method a couple of times and it is so much easier deflating that way.  It now fully deflates and best of all it stays down.

It would also seem that although the rods have settled towards the back of the shaft (that had been causing me a slight concern) they are in a really good position and best of all there is no sign of erosion or infection – so touch wood (as I now can) <grin>, it’s all good news.

I have to admit the doctor’s inflation at this visit was much firmer than mine, in fact once he had inflated fully I could feel the tips pushing into the head much more than when I inflate (slightly sore for a few minutes though).  Apparently firm but secure squeezing of the bulb is the key and if I continue as I am I should be able to stretch the tissue and in turn the implant further.

Flaccid - I seem to hang at about 5 O’clock.  Erect - laying down it points skyward, standing I am at about 2.30.  I don’t know if that will change over time.  If it does, all well and good, if not I am more than happy with that as an outcome.  The slight upward bend that I had in the shaft is improving and it should continue to do so.  I always assumed that I had in some way caused the bend by injecting incorrectly with Caverject.  That was also wrong apparently the Open Radical Prostate surgery that I had can occasionally cause the shaft to bend. (I will take some pictures for my next post to show the changes).

You learn something new everyday!!!

That’s me up to date and with concerns allayed, I’ll leave till next week…..

All the best

Sunday, 12 January 2014


After receiving quite a few messages regarding what I can and can’t do since having my implant I thought I would give you a bit of a run down on my experiences.

Bearing in mind that I’m not exactly in the first flush of youth and therefore a game of rugby or football is not on the agenda, nor has it been for a few years – I think if I tried that other bits of my body would give out way before the implant – for me it is more to do with the practicalities and enjoying what I can do.

I had always enjoyed hiking and prior to and after my prostate surgery as well as doing pelvic floor exercises I used walking in an attempt to tone-up my pelvic floor muscles, which in my opinion helped with any incontinence I may have had (I was lucky in that respect, 3 weeks after prostate surgery I was dry) and gave me control. 

Before and since the implant surgery:

I walk/ed daily (couple of miles or so) and time allowing I go for a longer walk/hike of 6-9 miles at some point most weeks.

I swim regularly – although it does depend on the water temperature how comfortable I feel, it’s nothing painful and a warm shower soon gets everything supple again.

I can still use a bike and cycle occasionally.  Cycling was more uncomfortable after the prostate surgery than it ever has been since my implant.

I don’t go to the gym (never did) but in everyday life I can lift and carry weight just as I could prior to the surgery (I did wait quite a few months before I even attempted anything heavy though).

In fact 6 months after my implant I don’t think that there is anything I am unable to do that I did not do prior to surgery.

There are just two things that have changed and neither is to do with exercise:-

  1. I always wore loose boxer shorts but since my implant I find it more comfortable to wear the tighter fitting boxers because they give me that bit of support but are not as constricting as briefs, which I found to be too tight and quite uncomfortable.  If you are at that stage try different types and styles, I tried so many before I found comfort but it was well worth the effort.
On a really positive note :- 

  1. I did have to change the car from a sporty convertible to a 4x4 J.  Sitting in the bucket seats of the car it felt as if the pump in my scrotum was being pulled upwards and although not painful was a tad uncomfortable, especially during longer journeys.  The upright position of the 4x4 is much more comfortable and before you say it – it’s got nothing to do with “big boy’s toys”!! Much J
As always any comments or questions, just give me a shout via the link on the right.

Cheers for now

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Start of 2014 – Update

Everything seems to have settled in well now and apart from a couple of issues I am very happy with the results.  I am due to see the doctor again on the 16th January just to make sure that the implant and tips are still placed properly, as far as I can tell there has not been any further movement nor is there any sign of erosion or infection however I will feel happier once the doctor has checked me over.

I am still inflating and deflating daily to ensure that I keep stretching the tissue and although there are not any measurable changes in length and girth – at least not by my measure – there is a change in how rigid the implant becomes at maximum inflation.  Everyday there are slight changes and everyday I learn something new about my own body, it’s like being a teenager again and at 55 years old very strange – but very exciting!!!

Take this morning, I woke up with a slight erection, it went after 5 minutes or so and it was nothing too much to write home about but all the same it was there.  I checked and I was fully deflated so I can only assume that it was blood engorging the head and shaft tissue surrounding the implant.  Which I new was a possibility but thought it would only happen if I was aroused. Like I said something new everyday…

My scrotum is sometimes a bit sore from inflating and deflating and occasionally if I really inflate to the max the head of my penis is sore but only for a few minutes. I assume it is because I am still stretching and I take as a good sign.  However what I call pain is now a thing of the past.

I am going to hold off a bit on measuring and leave it to perhaps every 3 or 4 weeks and hopefully then I will be able to measure any changes.  Bit like when you are trying to lose weight, too often and nothing changes.

Not too much else to tell you today – I have put a couple of links on the right-hand side of the page that you may find helpful/interesting and as I find more I will add them.  By the same token if you know of any that you have come across and think might be of interest or helpful to others please let me know.

I will try and give you a weekly update from now on and don’t forget any questions, you only have to ask.

All the best