Sunday, 23 October 2016

How times change

I came across this poster on a train the other day.

In the UK we are becoming more and more open about ED - anything similar where you are?

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Temperature Changes

It is starting to get cooler here in the UK and I am again beginning to feel the changes in how my implant inflates and how it behaves while deflated,

I have said previously that since my prostate surgery and subsequent implant surgery the skin and tissue of my scrotum and shaft are far more sensitive to any changes in temperature (warm and cold) and that is still the case even after 3 years.

The other thing and I appreciate this could just be me!! On cold days I have always shrunk back - I assume in an attempt for my penis to keep itself warmer. Since the implant I still get that tight feeling but my deflated shaft now becomes much firmer just without the reduction in size.

I have also noticed that along with my own body the implant especially the tubes and bulb behave differently and can when I am cooler be slightly harder to inflate. In my case this means that to some extent the final size of my initial erection is less.  Eventually, I assume because the saline going into the shaft is at body temperature the tissue becomes more subtle and I can inflate further to my normal size making inflation a two stage process.

None of it is a problem but if your implant is newer than mine and it is something you may have happening to you there is in my experience nothing to be concerned about, it is just a case of getting warm and/or adapting.

All the best

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Updated Pictures

I thought I would post a couple of photos to let you see what my implant looks like 3 years post surgery.

Apologies if the quality is lacking - I took them with my phone camera.

Visually, inflated or deflated I would defy anyone to know that I had an implant.

As always any comments or questions are welcome.

All the best