Thursday, 10 September 2015

Update and Seamless Underwear

I have not posted for a few weeks so thought I would give you a quick update.

A couple of things:-

It is starting to get a bit cooler here and although nothing like the winter temperatures to come I am beginning to feel the changes in my implant that cooler temperatures bring.  Like I have said before the effect of cold is not too different from how it was pre-implant in as much as everything - shaft and scrotum - becomes tighter. There is no pain just a different feel.  When deflated the implant within becomes firmer the cooler it and I am however once inflated with body temperature saline the suppleness returns.

The other thing and more importantly for me - I have found some "seam free" underwear.

The end of my penis and foreskin can at times become sore.  I am not convinced it is anything to do with my implant but more due to where the end of my penis sits now, which is right on the seam of other underwear I have worn.  The normal design I presume is to keep everything in place.  These still do that but without in my case the rubbing that I have with every other type of underwear I have tried.

No seam = less rubbing = less soreness!!

Next post, a link and and underwear fashion show...


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