Tuesday, 17 March 2015


The more I try to get organised the more busy I get!! So while I am sat at the computer I am going to give you all an update on my Implant.....

In short - it's great and is so much part of me that I don't even know it's there - until of course I want to inflate it.  Any pain is a dim and distant memory and being able to have an almost spontaneous erection is fantastic.

I do still try to inflate fully most days and I am pretty sure I have now got the best length and girth I am going to get.  I gave up measuring a few months ago but will let you know next post what size I have achieved.

Even from these few short lines you can tell I am happy with my implant and 18 months after having it done I can still honestly say that for me, in my situation an implant was the best way to go.