Monday, 25 May 2015

Repeating myself and an update

Apologies in advance if spelling etc is a bit off - new contact lenses - varifocal!! - who'd have thought it.

I have just read my Blog from the start and realised I have already written about how it feels to have my implant sometime ago so l wont bore you with the details again, l will just give an update.

I cannot feel the pump at all now and considering initially I could not see how something the size of a lego brick with a bulb on the top could ever be comfortable l am amazed. When I squeeze the bulb to inflate there is no discomfort at all, let alone pain. The pump bulb does not slip anymore when I inflate, I think that may be due to my improved technique though. Simply by looking at my scrotum you would not be able to tell there was anything other than what nature gave me in there.

Flaccid the shaft feels pretty much like it always did, a bit firmer but basically the same as ever. The tips at the head of the shaft are different and although again they cannot generally be seen or felt in everyday life they do feel different when touched.

Inflated, again much the same as before, the tips I can feel and the shaft if I inflate to the max I can feel is very hard. The girth is initially greatest at the base but I do get blood flow into the shaft and head now and as I get aroused the girth evens out through the entire shaft.

The actual inflation and stretching I can feel and in it's own way it is a nice feeling, different I admit but considering it is a mechanical process still quite sensual.

Downside - in my case there are two and neither are too much of a problem and will not necessarily apply to you:-

  • As you have seen from the numerous pictures I am not circumcised and since the implant my foreskin can occasionally get a bit tight - E45 type cream sorts it.
  • Loose boxers!! - as nice as it is swinging in the breeze (even being able to swing is a novelty) the extra weight means aching after a while,  Supportive underwear is good and I have tried many over the last year or so.  Fashion advice now huh!! Perhaps an idea for a future post.

I did say in my last post I would measure it. Well here they are as of about 5 minutes ago...

Flaccid - length 12cm, girth 10.8cm

Hard - length 15.9cm, girth 14cm

As you know I lost some length due to the initial prostate surgery and I am definitely not complaining. The girth is better than it was before and the length is only about 2cms less.

No more measuring now, this is me, my penis fits my body, it's comfortable, it's there when I want it and best of all when I look down I can see it!!

Given the situation, who could ask for more.

All the best till next time.