Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Surgery Day

The surgery was fine, in fact it was a bit of a doddle - for me anyway - but then I was out of it for 5 hours.

I came back to the ward and apparently my partner was told by the very terse nurse "it was major surgery, wait", so caring.  But I suppose they have a job to do.

It's strange I thought it was going to be a pretty simple procedure.  My surgeon had incredibly long fingers (part of my reason for being so relaxed about the whole thing.  I guessed he would be able to reach where he had to get to easy enough) don't know why.  When I first spoke to him, he made it all sound to straight-forward.  Shows how much I know.

Although I know my partner was there. The rest of that day is a bit of a blur.  Good stuff they injected into me.

I woke up Tuesday morning and felt pretty good, no pain at all, must have been the morphine.

I had a quick look and a feel and yes outwardly it was all still there.

At this point I should mention, a long fingered surgeon does not make for a good barber.  Whoever shaved me would not win barber of the year !!

Then there was the tube (catheter).  I say tube, I really mean... well I don't know what I mean but if anyone had told me that something that fat could disappear down the end of my willy - I would never have believed them.

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