Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Why the Blog................

It is now over 5 years since I was first diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the ripe old age of 49. 

At the time my way dealing with what was happening to me was to write everything down in a book.  My feelings, good, bad, anger, laughter, everything (it didn't occur to me to blog it all).

Now I feel the time is right to for me to share it with the everyone.  Loads has happened and is going to happen to me and if by doing this I can help another person or family who is going through a similar thing, that's cool.

Quick run-down

January 2008 - Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
July 2008 - Radical Prostatectomy Surgery

This should go from pre-diagnosis to now.  After that I plan on it becoming a bit of a diary/account of my getting a bionic willy!!!

I will attempt to make it logical, although reading back over some of the stuff I wrote in my book it is a bit all over the place.

There will be some pictures, hence the Adult Content setting but overall I hope it a true reflection of me.

Here goes................

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