Sunday, 22 December 2013

21 Weeks - Post Surgery

I’m 21 weeks and a couple of days post surgery and it would seem all is still going well.  As you have already seen in the previous pictures I look pretty normal and even better I and my penis feel normal.  My flaccid size is definitely changing for the better - 13cm length and 12cm girth.  I’ve been swimming and to the gym without any problems at all, and best of all embarrassment in the showers is a thing of the past.

I am still inflating everyday and as of about a minute ago, inflated I measure 14.5cm length (easier to breakdown in metric) and 14cm girth.  My length seems to be increasing steadily but slowly, the girth is staying much the same but I defiantly won’t be complaining, I am more than happy with a 14cm (5” girth).  I have checked the AMS website it would seem that the implant diameter is what it is. If I can steadily add to the length over the coming months/years that’ll do for me.

The cold weather is fine now and as long as I keep it nice and snug and warm as described on previous posts its ok and I am not even aware of the implant again.  The incision has healed completely and the scar tissue surrounding it has all but gone meaning inflating and finding the deflate button is a doddle.

I’ve still not managed to shoot a video of the inflate/deflate but I’ll keep at it and one of these days I will get it posted.

Another top-tip!!!
Anyone heard of a “wheaty”?  It’s a long-ish material tube filled with I presume wheat, that you warm in the microwave (it’s for putting round your neck to ease stiffness).  Well it’s perfect for keeping my penis warm (and aiding stiffness <grin>) when I’m inflating for exercise.  Even better because the tissue is warm it is easier to inflate and hopefully stretch …… I wont post a picture because my “wheaty” is pink with multi-coloured spots (it’s all they had) !!!

Till next time
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas & New Year


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Almost 5 Months - update

I have just worked it out and it’s almost 5 months since I had my surgery – time does go by so quickly.

Although in that time my implant has certainly become part of me and most of the time I would never know that I have it, now and then as it’s got colder it certainly on occasions lets its presence be felt in no uncertain terms.  Like before when it’s cold the tissue tightens, except now it tightens around two quite firm rods and a Lego brick with a bulb at the side!!!  There is no shrinkage anymore and it’s not painful but when it gets cold boy do I know it’s there.

The heated pads that I made such a fuss about were good while they lasted.  It stated on the box that they would be good for 100 activations - well they might have been, but not in my case.  One I could only get to heat-up twice. The other, and this is a bit of a cautionary tale, I boiled dry trying to return it to it’s liquid state and it exploded – smoke everywhere, alarms sounding - goes to show you should never leave something like that alone – lesson learnt!!!

What I have been using that helps in keeping everything snug and warm and is so much safer are the incontinence pads that I used just after surgery.  They have made a big difference to my comfort on cold days and are so much easier to use and keep in place – no more socks needed <grin>.

Everything seems to be going ok with inflation and deflation although when I inflate there is not always a definite “pop” of the bulb to start with as there was.  When it happens squeezing the bulb can be quite an effort, although I am still able to inflate properly to the full.  I will however mention it to the doctor next time I visit could be something he needs to be aware of or it could just be that is the way it becomes over time.  Anyone else having a similar thing happen to them?

I had not measured for a while thinking that by sight nothing much had changed, although it has felt slightly firmer over the last week or so. Knowing I was going to post today I measured last night and as you can see I have gained approx ½” in length when I am fully inflated.

Completely Deflated

Three Pumps

Fully Inflated - 1/2" gain

I came across this post by another implantee: - although having checked the AMS website I have been unable to verify the statement.

“An AMS LGX700 will expand 15-20% in length, but not beyond what you normally are.

It can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years

½” in 3 months, ¾” at 1 year and almost 1” in 18 months

Some men were having expansion up to 3 years

Length gain was up to 1 ¼” in 3 years”

We shall see!!!!
Till next time
Cheers for now