Sunday, 22 December 2013

21 Weeks - Post Surgery

I’m 21 weeks and a couple of days post surgery and it would seem all is still going well.  As you have already seen in the previous pictures I look pretty normal and even better I and my penis feel normal.  My flaccid size is definitely changing for the better - 13cm length and 12cm girth.  I’ve been swimming and to the gym without any problems at all, and best of all embarrassment in the showers is a thing of the past.

I am still inflating everyday and as of about a minute ago, inflated I measure 14.5cm length (easier to breakdown in metric) and 14cm girth.  My length seems to be increasing steadily but slowly, the girth is staying much the same but I defiantly won’t be complaining, I am more than happy with a 14cm (5” girth).  I have checked the AMS website it would seem that the implant diameter is what it is. If I can steadily add to the length over the coming months/years that’ll do for me.

The cold weather is fine now and as long as I keep it nice and snug and warm as described on previous posts its ok and I am not even aware of the implant again.  The incision has healed completely and the scar tissue surrounding it has all but gone meaning inflating and finding the deflate button is a doddle.

I’ve still not managed to shoot a video of the inflate/deflate but I’ll keep at it and one of these days I will get it posted.

Another top-tip!!!
Anyone heard of a “wheaty”?  It’s a long-ish material tube filled with I presume wheat, that you warm in the microwave (it’s for putting round your neck to ease stiffness).  Well it’s perfect for keeping my penis warm (and aiding stiffness <grin>) when I’m inflating for exercise.  Even better because the tissue is warm it is easier to inflate and hopefully stretch …… I wont post a picture because my “wheaty” is pink with multi-coloured spots (it’s all they had) !!!

Till next time
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas & New Year


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