Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 10 and counting ....

Not too much seems to be happening at the moment. 

 Bruising is defiantly subsiding now, in fact each day it seems so different and I am pretty sure the swelling has almost gone.  Looking back over the previous pictures the changes become even more apparent. 

The pain seemed to peak for me at Day 7/8 and now at day 10 it is so much easier – I even managed a full night’s sleep last night although I am still taking some medication.  Most of the discomfort now seems to be coming from the disposable stitches – I just wish that they would hurry up and dissolve because I am sure it would feel so much easier.  Up to now I have been showering but not taking a bath.  If the doctors says ok I think a bath would help the dissolving and healing now.

I am also not convinced that I am completely flaccid nor have been since surgery.  It seems to hang at about 4 o’clock (as you can see).  Perhaps that will be the new flaccid from now on, who knows. Certainly not me!!!

Spent yesterday at a family BBQ, not too much pain and I managed to drive there and back.  It’s the first time since surgery that I even wanted to try driving.  It was good, though I felt a pulling sensation a couple of time where I think the reservoir is situated, apart from that the drive was uneventful.  Saying that I do feel uncomfortable around the area where the reservoir is so perhaps I did overdo it slightly.

We own a busy café so I am still off work and taking it easy-ish, just to make sure I am fit enough to stand and run around all day when I do go back.

I am sure that come Wednesday’s visit to the doctor all will be revealed.

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