Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 14 - "Cycling"

Apart from being one of the most uncomfortable, no painful experiences of this whole process the visit to the nurse yesterday was pretty uneventful!!!

I’m not to sure what I expected but I will try and explain.

First off she checked I was ok and whether I had had any problems.  She had a check of the wound and said it was healing nicely – phew!  I was a bit unsure.

Now to the “cycling”.  First off she located the pump. I had done as I was told and not gone anywhere near it. So I was surprised at how much higher it was, sort of between, behind and above the boys, if that makes sense.  Anyway she located the pump and a few squeezes and a feeling like someone was stabbing me with a needle in my scrotum (pretty sure I swore at some point), I was hard.  She checked all was ok and said that I should get additional natural engorgement of the shaft and head with time.  I knew that I would never be the size I was prior to my Prostate Surgery but I have to admit to being very pleased with the result, both flaccid and erect.

The AMS Implant - Pump and Release Mechanism at the bottom of the image
Now to deflate.  She pushed further back into my scrotum, located the button and with the same needle in the scrotum feeling and a squeeze of the shaft it deflated.

She said there was still some swelling around the pump but I could have a go.  I eventually located the pump but couldn’t get enough grip to do too much, although I did manage to inflate it a bit.  By now the pain was becoming a bit too much and no matter how much I rummaged about I could not find the deflate button.

Bruising almost gone

External swelling almost gone


The nurse having deflated it for me suggested coming back in two weeks time - after all she said, 10 days was not very long - when the swelling had gone down some more.  In the meantime she said, while I was in the bath to see if I could locate the parts of the pump.


I hope the stabbing feeling goes, which I am sure with time it will, eventuallly.  Next time I am taking some pain killers before I go in!!!!!

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