Friday, 23 August 2013

Week 4 and I Still can’t find the deflate button!!!!!!!

Second visit to the nurse in London and I still cannot find that deflate button, at least not on my own.  It feels like it is enclosed in a lot of mush as does the whole pump mechanism and although I think I can occasionally find it, I cannot activate it at all.  The inflate is a bit easier, it’s much bigger obviously and although a slippery little thing I can with a bit of effort sort of inflate it some and I am sure that will become easier.  I think at the moment I spend so much time trying to find it that I make matters worse by causing a bit of swelling etc.

The nurse inflated and deflated without any problem and it was defiantly less painful than two weeks ago.  She has said not to worry, that I am still healing and although I cannot see it there is still some internal swelling.  As you can tell I am a somewhat impatient person.  Back to see her in 2 weeks.

On a positive note the pain and discomfort does seem to be going.  The wound is healed and the stitches have almost gone, maybe one/two left.  The wound is still tender and a bit sore and it does feel bulky however sitting is not problem at all now, driving is fine and I am back to walking 2/3 miles a day.  Yesterday I went into work and all was fine, dinner out on the way home and no problems. 

All in all I am getting there.  Once again it is time!!!

Cheers for now.

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