Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 21

Well the plan to be more comfortable during the night never really worked.  I tried everything I could think of (including a sock over it).  The sock admittedly did work the best of all and did stop the pain of rubbing but because the implant still has a tendency to inflate slightly from time to time there is still a bit of discomfort.  Now however the hair is growing back and it seems to have mostly got past the stubble phase so with a couple of ibuprofen it’s back to a happy nights sleep.

I think I said earlier that the wound was not healing as quickly as I expected and to quote my local nurse “it was a bit moist”.  Her solution to dry the wound, an iodine soaked pad held in place with a wound dressing.  “Might sting a bit” she said.  Sting wasn’t the word for it, it was agony!!!!  I lasted two day and could not stand it anymore.  But to give her her due it does seems to have worked and although sore as far as I can tell does not seem to be “moist”.  I am back to see her later today. Let’s see what she says.

It would be good to get the wound sorted and for the stitches to dissolve – yes they are still there, but hopefully not for too much longer.  I am still a bit too wary to search for the deflate button, the inflate I can find and feel without any problem at all the deflate is a different matter.  The whole pump seems to be back quite a long way and quite deep so I’m still going to leave it alone. Don’t want to inflate and not be able to get it down again.

As far a size goes I am pretty happy.  After the pc surgery I did lose quite a bit of both flaccid and pumped erect length.  Although I haven’t bothered to measure it since surgery there is a big improvement in both flaccid length and girth.  My penis now seems to fit my body again which is what I wanted.  Erect length and girth is less but as with everything time will tell – eventually when I manage to inflate and deflate my self I’ll post a few pictures.

Overall I’m still pleased with how it’s going, although patience is not one of my strong points.  I did think I would be pain free by now but I am afraid that is not the case but it has only been 3 short weeks.  I am not back at work full-time yet but I am defiantly not sitting around (can’t afford to I have already put on 7 pounds in weight).  In fact we even managed a 4 mile walk two days ago albeit with a couple of breaks.
The appointment in London with the hospital nurse is the 21 August.

Cheers for now

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