Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 16

All seems to be calm and moving along nicely so not too much to write.  I do have a dressing on the wound site at the moment because there is one spot which does not seem to want to heal.  Perhaps it is where the texture of the skin is different and there is naturally more movement.  Besides, the stitches have still not dissolved and I am sure they are still there for a reason.

There is some pain but again today it is different to yesterday and the day before, in fact it changes daily. There seems to be some shifting about of the pain and it is definitely worse at night (I tend to sleep on my stomach) and the pain wakes me.  Sometimes I get twinges in the head, sometimes in the shaft but strangely not in my scrotum.  One other thing I have noticed is that both my penis and scrotum seem to react to differences in temperature more than before, perhaps it’s the nerves changing and repairing, again time will tell.  One good thing this morning, the numbness I had in the shaft and on my stomach is going.

The thing that has become my best friend by far is a soak in the bath.  Everything loosens, the pain goes and its bliss, however I am still to locate and have a play with the pump and deflate when it is loose.  The wound not healing is making me a bit wary just in case I make matters worse so I might leave that for a few more days until it has healed some.

I am planning on going back to work on Monday, a few hours a day to start and see how it goes.

Back to see the nurse of pain on the 21 August for me to attempt to inflate and deflate.

Anyway I will write more with a few pictures way before then.

Cheers for now.

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