Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 24

I’ve included a couple of pictures today so that you can see how it’s going so far.
Not looking too bad now - brusing all gone

Hair growing back slowly
Still a slight bend but that should go over time

Stitches still not gone yet - grrr!!!

 Inflate progress is slow, although the inflate button is obvious now (especially when I am in the bath) I have still not managed to find that deflate button.  I was not given anything, key-ring or otherwise to give me any clues where it was either when I left hospital so I am trying to find it from looking at pictures.  I could be wrong but I have an idea that it may be behind the incision and as you know that is still to painful to touch.  Perhaps when I see the urology nurse in London on Wednesday she can shed some light on it, after all both the surgeon and the nurse have found it and used it in the past so it has to be there somewhere!!!

I am still experiencing some pain – more soreness than pain.  It’s similar to the feeling that I had when it was first cycled.  My penis is also occasionally numb, sometimes cold and is always very firm to touch.  From reading the experiences of others on Frank Talk it would seem that everyone recovers at a different rate and that hopefully all of this should change with time.  I do however have one particular spot that is really uncomfortable and it seems to be coming from the skin over one of the corners of the deflate block, right hand side to be precise.
The really sore bit is right under the fold
Still as they say “no pain, no gain!!!!!

Urology London Nurse - Wed 21 Aug

Meeting Contact from Blog - Sat 24 Aug

All the best


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