Saturday, 7 September 2013

Week 7

Start of week 7 and touch wood so to speak (now I can ha ha) everything seems to be going well and I might add very quickly.  If I look back at the first pictures to now it is hard to believe that so little time has passed.  The body’s ability to repair itself is amazing

I am inflating and deflating without any problem now.  I’m leaving it inflated for a while (20 minutes or so) just to start letting everything stretch and for the tips to embed in the head properly.  There seems to be no pain at all although it is slightly sore after but only for an hour or so

5 Pumps

Another angle


And I am really pleased that the head is already starting to fill out a bit so I have high hopes that it will engorge fully when needed.


You’ll see from the photos that I have borrowed a tape measure to give you some accurate measurements. 

5" Girth - not bad for a couple of days
5" not 6" what was it about size and imagination!!


From my previous post as you can see I had already gained an inch from the actual!!! Typical man huh!!!!

Cheers for now

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