Thursday, 26 September 2013

It's 2 Months old today!!!!

I just noticed - I had my surgery on the 26 July 2013 and now it’s the 26 September 2013. I am so confused working out the weeks I think I might give up on that now and just give you regular updates on progress etc.

One thing I was not expecting.  As it’s getting colder it can get a bit uncomfortable.  Since surgery there seems to be more sensitivity to both heat and cold and although in the heat it looks pretty damned impresive in the cold it's a different matter.  Although it no longer shrivels in the cold like it used to it does get tighter though I suppose it’s no more uncomfortable than it was before on a cold day.

Incision Healed - No red marks
Slight bend still but I'm not too bothered
I did call the nurse yesterday because I have noticed that although the tips are placed well into the head of my penis they now appear to be quite far back.  She said they may well have been there all the time as as everything settles and the swelling subsides I am noticing more.  All she said was to keep an eye out for any redness or soreness because that could mean erosion - and we don’t want that.  But there is nothing so far. I will keep my fingers crossed. 
She also said I could telephone or see her anytime if I was worried (as far as I am concerned it’s a brilliant NHS we have here in the UK) about anything.

I can't see or measure anymore changes in size (length or girth).  I could be wrong and although I might wish for a bigger willy I do believe that your penis is what it is and I wont see very much more growth.  Inflating and deflating is so easy now, in fact it has become second nature and I am just enjoying my new toy.

See you when I get back after my holiday.


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