Saturday, 14 September 2013

It’s week 8 proper and looking back I seem to have become obsessed with showing you my inflated penis so I thought I would do stage-by-stage pictures for those of you not sure about the differences that I have been able to get from my AMS LGX700 Implant.

Semi - 4 pumps
What do you think
good huh!!
Apart from a slight scar on my scrotum and if you really got close enough a third testicle I don’t think anyone could tell I even had an implant.  Best of all at the moment, the upward bend is going!!

The things that concerned me prior to surgery, apart that is from the surgery itself, were:

  • Pain – Gone
  • Bruising - Gone
  • Lack of sensation – Not sure if the foreskin helps but its almost back
  • Loss of size – Although erect I’m not like I was. I am more than happy with the result so far.
  • Unable to inflate and deflate – No problem
Plus I’m having a bit of a clear out - Gone


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  1. Great clearout. I did the same. And I don’t need to worry about trimix best before date.