Thursday, 12 September 2013

End of Week 7

Just a quick update and some progress pictures.

I have just realised that my implant has been auto-inflating slightly (and I thought it just looked impressive).  I could not figure out why it was still a bit uncomfortable around the tips inside the head of my penis and tender along the shaft.  It was just from the auto-inflation.  From reading and a bit of research it seems that it is fairly common and should settle down as time goes on – there’s that word again – time.

After 6 Pumps - head gets engorged now

Different Angle - Fully inflated

Scar - GONE !!!

Top View - Fully Inflated

I can’t see any increase in length or girth at the moment but I am pleased with the results so far.  There is no need for any pain killers anymore. I’m walking 3 miles or so a day. Back to working fulltime and on the go all day.  Life as they say is “normal”


Never know it's been done - almost!!
I’ve not got to go back to see the Urology Nurse for 6 months now (March 2014) although she is going to call me in about 5 weeks to see how it’s going and has told me to get in touch if there is anything I am unsure about.

Trim and Wax booked for this weekend so I should look a bit tidier next time !!

I’m still going to update at least once a week so watch this space.

Anyone whose has a question or observation it would be great to hear from you.


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