Saturday, 12 October 2013

Back to reality

It's now 11 weeks since I had my surgery and I wanted to give you an update on progress so far.

Had a bit of a panic the day before I was due to go away on holiday.  Now that all of te swelling has gone I can now really feel the tips below the head of my penis (to me they feel as if they are just below the surface). I had not really noticed any changes but for some reason they do seem to have moved from where they were originally - from central and well into the head of my penis they have moved right to the back of the shaft and the tips now finish near to the base of the head, giving me the one thing I wanted to avoid - a floppy head!!

I did try to take a photo to show you but could not get a good shot so I will try again later.

Anyway I panicked, travelled 3 hours to see the consultant who seems to think that the the implant is in the ideal position.  He did say that the "floppy head" can be corrected by "a couple of stitches" - Hum mm not convinced about that one, we shall see!!

He has now arranged for me to go to the clinic on the 24 October to have a scan to see if there has been any erosion and to discuss the options (fingers crossed).

We had a brilliant holiday and as I said no problems at either airport.

Now back to reality and work!!!

Cheers for now.

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