Saturday, 19 October 2013

Week 12 (time goes by so quickly)

Not too much happening at the moment.  Apart from being pleased with my implant.  I know it’s not for everyone but having tried everything else available I know that it was the right route for me.

I have my appointment on the 24th October to discuss my slight concerns about any change in the placement of my implant.  I have to admit apart from being able to feel the tips quite close to the surface at the back of the shaft everything else feels good, no red marks or soreness, perhaps I am just being over cautious.

I have noticed that the cooler weather is having quite an impact, although I am larger than I was cold still has the same effect it ever did of tightening everything and it can be quite uncomfortable – warm baths help – showers just don’t seem to do it.  The bath is also beneficial both with inflation and the general feel of the implant throughout the day and night for that matter.  Even when I am fully deflated I am still aware most of the time that I have an implant.  My flaccid state although apart from size is similar in looks defiantly feels firmer than it ever did before surgery.

I am discovering new things all the time and although I have previously said the implant is becoming part of me - it is a new part of my body different in size and weight and it takes time to get used to it.

The bump the tip is just by my thumb

Again the tip is just below the head

Hopefully you can see where the tips of the implant are placed now (not any easy picture to get), much further down and not really supporting the head.  Perhaps that is where they are meant to be now that the swelling has gone and all is good and it’s just me. I will see what the doctor says on the 24th and go from there. 

I know that physically I have changed and I now have the ability to do almost everything sexually I could prior to surgery.  Mentally I can feel changes as well. I am not one of life’s deep thinkers and I know that this may sound odd to some but I feel masculine again and because I feel better about myself the anger I felt towards having Prostate Cancer is going.  When I can figure it out I will write more on that side of the journey.

At the moment the one thing I do know is that having got this far I want it to be right and I want to be 100% happy with the result and if that means a revision or a slight adjustment so be it. We shall see!!!

Cheers for now

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