Sunday, 27 September 2015

Technique two years on

Two years ago I was writing that I was unable to find the pump among the “mush” inside my scrotum let alone squeeze it hard enough to get anything like an erection.  Then I managed to inflate it only to find that I could not locate the deflate button.  

Over the last two years my technique has improved beyond all measure to the extent that I am now able to have a pretty much spontaneous erection whenever and wherever I wish – giving me I would have thought what most men dream about - or was it just me!!

Anyway to continue.

A couple of other discoveries I wanted to share - the initial size of my erection most definitely depends on how warm I am.  I assume the cold affects how supple the implant tubes are.  Warm I can with 40 or so squeezes inflate easily and quickly to a full erection.  I can also after a couple of minutes squeeze a couple more times and inflate a bit more.  Cooler there are a couple of slight changes. 15-20 inflation squeezes and the bulb becomes hard and I cannot squeeze it any further – don’t get me wrong, my penis is hard, just that initially it is slightly smaller than when warm.  The difference here I assume is that the first inflation puts body temperature saline into the implant, as it enters it warms up the tubes again making them supple meaning I can continue to inflate fully.  Either way I end up with the same result.

I always try to deflate fully however I still occasionally get slight spontaneous inflations during the day, why I don’t know but pushing the deflate button and a squeeze of the shaft deflates me again. 

I have also noticed in the last year or so that without any sort of spontaneous inflation of the implant I get on a regular basis what I can only describe as a semi, no reason for it, it just happens.  The button and a squeeze does nothing meaning it is not the same as the other daytime inflations I get.  They come and go as they please.  Whatever the cause I am not complaining.  Perhaps my body is returning to its old self – admittedly it closer to my old self at 16 rather than 50 but my old self just the same.


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