Sunday, 3 April 2016

Inflation Difficulties

The other day I did something to my neck, pulled a muscle and/or trapped nerve.  Not too painful but it has gone down my right arm to the muscle in my forearm.

Even though I am left handed I squeeze the pump for my implant with my right hand - the only thing I do right handed - and it is making inflating uncomfortable and to some extent difficult as I do not seem to have as much strength in my hand at the moment.

Up to now inflating has been easy but it has got me to thinking that as I get older it may not always be that way.

I have tried using my left hand to squeeze the bulb and it's like starting again. The bulb is slippery, difficult to control and I can't squeeze hard enough to even get it to "pop".

I am going to keep alternating left and right handed in the hope that it will get easier - after all they say practise makes perfect.

I do think it would have been worth in the early stages to have alternated - just a thought!

I will let you know how my becoming ambidextrous goes...

All the best


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