Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Auto Inflation


Just a quick mid-weeker...

I was having problems with auto inflation and the lack of a “pop” making subsequent inflation more difficult.  I mentioned it to my doctor at the last visit a couple of days ago and found that for the last 6 months I had not been deflating properly. 

I had been pushing in the deflate button and as soon as it had stopped “buzzing” I had kept my finger on the deflate button and squeezed to what I thought was fully deflated.  I was then having some auto inflation and lack the of “pop” next time. 
Now as per my new instructions I push and hold the deflate button for 10 seconds.  I get the buzzing and it starts to deflate, keeping the button depressed I wait for the 10 seconds (even after the buzz has stopped) then let go of the deflate button, squeeze the shaft and it continues to deflate fully.

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