Friday, 17 January 2014

6 Month post surgery Appoinment

Well I had my appointment with the doctor yesterday and you will be pleased to hear that all appears to be going well, I even managed to pick up a few tips.

I had always thought that I had at the time of my surgery the most recent model AMS LGX700 implanted which has among other things a one touch deflate button.  As you will have read previously deflating has never been my strong point and although I have always been able to deflate my implant easily enough I have never managed to do it with one touch and a squeeze!!  Now after all these months I discover I have been doing it wrong.  The correct way is to push the deflate button, wait for the vibration and noise as the fluid leaves the rods, continue to hold the button in for 7-10 seconds, even after the noise has stopped, release the button and squeeze the shaft to fully empty it.  I have now managed that method a couple of times and it is so much easier deflating that way.  It now fully deflates and best of all it stays down.

It would also seem that although the rods have settled towards the back of the shaft (that had been causing me a slight concern) they are in a really good position and best of all there is no sign of erosion or infection – so touch wood (as I now can) <grin>, it’s all good news.

I have to admit the doctor’s inflation at this visit was much firmer than mine, in fact once he had inflated fully I could feel the tips pushing into the head much more than when I inflate (slightly sore for a few minutes though).  Apparently firm but secure squeezing of the bulb is the key and if I continue as I am I should be able to stretch the tissue and in turn the implant further.

Flaccid - I seem to hang at about 5 O’clock.  Erect - laying down it points skyward, standing I am at about 2.30.  I don’t know if that will change over time.  If it does, all well and good, if not I am more than happy with that as an outcome.  The slight upward bend that I had in the shaft is improving and it should continue to do so.  I always assumed that I had in some way caused the bend by injecting incorrectly with Caverject.  That was also wrong apparently the Open Radical Prostate surgery that I had can occasionally cause the shaft to bend. (I will take some pictures for my next post to show the changes).

You learn something new everyday!!!

That’s me up to date and with concerns allayed, I’ll leave till next week…..

All the best

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