Thursday, 12 November 2015

Questions & Answers

My response to a follower who is at about Day 25 post surgery

Sounds like you are heading in the right direction and even better that you have managed to get off the painkillers.

Inflating can be difficult to start. In my case even though outwardly most of my swelling had gone I know that inside my scrotum was still swollen making especially the deflate button difficult to operate.  Once the swelling has gone completely it becomes so much easier.

I am sure the length will return. With me it took some time for the shaft tissue to relax properly - and it will. Even now on a cold day fully inflated can be feel/be different from when I am warm.  It is definitely a case of learning the best technique for you.  I normally inflate mine first thing in the morning just after I wake up.  Warm and in bed the tissue is much more supple and I believe that because of that I get the best stretch.

I expect you have driven by now.  For me it wasn't the discomfort of physically driving so much as the shape of the drivers seat which with the car I had seemed to push my scrotum upwards.  Again as time goes on technique makes it easier.

As you say visually you would never know there was anything different.  Again as time goes on it will feel more and more natural.  There is no getting away from the fact that you have what feels like and extra testicle in there (I’ve used it to my advantage) it definitely adds to an opening conversation and you can guarantee they wont have heard that line before 😊

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