Saturday, 23 November 2013

Keeping Out the cold !!

Last time I wrote I mentioned the cold and how it was causing some discomfort especially while I was walking to work.  Although not all of it comes from the cold - some comes from me still inflating to the max and some from the cold.  Well with a bit of experimenting I hope I have found a solution and, while it has not exactly been a scientific survey I have come up with something that works for me.

Firstly I bought a couple of pairs of base level shorts, the type you wear under your outer clothes to act as an  insulation layer when playing sport.  Although they did work to a certain degree and did and do keep me warm my implant and in turn my penis were still becoming cold and quite stiff and in turn painful.  I also tried a thicker thermal layer, again it worked ok but I was still having a similar level of discomfort.

The answer, in conjunction with the additional layer was re-usable Heated Pads.  They are normally placed inside gloves to keep your hands warm. Who would have thought they would work for this as well. 


When activated they turn into a warm soft gel pad that I put inside a sports sock, place inside my underwear and I’m set to go.  The ones I purchased come in pairs (as you would expect) and should last for approx 100 activations, as I only need to use one at a time they should keep me comfortable until it gets a bit warmer.  Provided I put the gel pad in as soon as it’s activated it moulds to my shape and once I am dressed no one would ever know.

Let’s just pray I never get hit by a bus!!

One last thing for this entry, my implant does seem to be settling in a bit more now so next time I will post a couple of updated flaccid and inflated photos.  Hopefully you too can see the difference.

Cheers for now



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