Sunday, 10 November 2013

Week 15

I have still not managed to figure out video!!!  I will keep trying though and as soon as I can I will post an inflation and deflation video.  I have however finally managed to get a couple of pictures that show the placement of the pump.  Hope they help to make things more clear especially for anyone thinking about having a similar procedure wondering about where it went.

Pump Placement

Pump Placement

Reading back over the blog and looking at the pictures I cannot believe how far I have come in 15 short weeks.   Physically the difference is obvious (well it is to me and hopefully to you too). 

Day 7 Approx

Week 15 ish

I also feel so much better mentally.  Taking Viagra or one of the other pills I had been prescribed, putting a pellet inside my penis or injecting my shaft were not ideal for me or for sex (brilliant solution for others though) and had become a chore - to the point of my not being too bothered whether I ever had another erection.

Despite being told by a few people close to me that I had changed I did not realise quite what a difference there had been in my personality.  Now that has all changed again and compared to how I had become the difference is immense.  I fact I am more or less back to my grumpy old self again <grin>.  I do know that just being able to get an erection is not the be all and end all and while my erection is not quite as it was it has gone a long way to making me feel so much better about myself in general.  I do still have annual PSA checks for the Prostate Cancer.  That can be a bit worrying, but fingers crossed my PSA will stay undetectable and it’s onwards and upwards (so to speak).

I am still inflating to the max daily and can feel differences, admittedly they are very now very small but they are differences in both girth and length. The blood-flow to the head and outer shaft of my penis has returned, increasing my aroused size and making any slight floppy head a thing of the past. 

One other small bonus - I went swimming yesterday and in the showers mine looked pretty much like everyone else’s (apart from mine not reacting to the cold water of the pool).  I just knew there had to be more than one benefit to this implant!!!!

Cheers for now


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