Sunday, 26 April 2015

A beer or 3 and a few questions

I met up with some mates yesterday for a few beers.  John who I have known for years, in fact since school and a couple of others that we both knew through work.  John I see often, we live close to each other and like the same stuff and the same pubs.  The other two I hadn't seen for a few years.

John knows all about my prostate cancer and is the person I have spoken to most especially while the prostate cancer was going on.  He knows about my implant as well but for some reason we have never really chatted about it.

Anyway one beer led to another and another. There was lots of banter, chatting and just having a laugh.  We are all in our 50's and all pretty health conscious - apart from the occasional beer of course.  Not sure how or why but talk got round to peeing, beer and getting up at night (as you do) and I mentioned that I had had prostate cancer and seemed to be able to control peeing during the night no matter how many I'd had.  It seems that "men united" from Prostate Cancer UK is working.  They had heard of prostate cancer and were interested in what had happened to me and how I was now.

I didn't go into too many details about the prostate surgery but eventually it got round to side effects and, as it seems to when men and beer mix - sex.  So I told them about my implant! Once we got past the "holding the junk" and "crossing the legs" and "I'd never let anyone near my dick with a knife" we had a good chat about it.  Turns out we had all had occasional problems getting it up but never talked about it and they like me to start apart from Viagra had no idea what to do about it.

They do now!!

There was no embarrassment and only a small amount of piss taking (on their part) but the questions eventually were the same:-




So you guessed it, ready for my next post I will:-

Attempt to put into words exactly what it feels like to have an implant in my body and I'll measure it!

As always questions for future posts are always welcome so anything on your mind just ask away and I will answer it here (or privately if you prefer).

All the best


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